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Whether you are a solo artist, band or performer seamlessly manage bookings, connect with venues, create, store and share your riders. Get ready for the stage with us as your backstage partner.

Focus on the show.

As a performer, you know that your success relies on impeccable organisation, seamless coordination, and a flawless execution of your craft. That's why we've developed a powerful tool that puts you in control of your career. With Stage Portal, you can easily manage your bookings, track your schedules, collaborate with teams, and keep all your assets organised in one place.

Tools To Help You Focus On The Show

All of your riders, in one place

Stage Portal's rider creator allows you to easily put together, store and manage all of your requirements. Enter equipment requirements, upload stage layouts, add setlists, channel lists and more.

Once created you can easily share with event organisers, production companies and other artists with one link. If you update your requirements, it will automatically notify those who need to know.

Are you on tour? Simply create multiple riders for different shows and select which one to use for each event. 


Managing your bookings, made easy.

Be in control every step of the way from checking availability of band members to booking shows and setup or sound checks. Everything appears in the calendar with notifications to make sure you are always ready to take to the stage. 

Keep in contact

With the integrated messaging platform you can keep all of your communication in one place, from event group chats for all performers to direct contact between venues or event organisers. 

Artist Software That Grows With You

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Put together the biggest shows with ease and embrace a new era of streamlined organisation. Create lineups, manage resources, plan every aspect of your events and hire equipment with ease.”


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Join the future of events with Stage Portal

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